5 Best Waffle Makers with Removable Plates in 2022

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Are you tired of eating the same breakfast? Guests are already at your front door, and you don’t know what to surprise them with? Did you get a desire to make a simple and very tasty culinary masterpiece? An electric waffle maker will handle these tasks perfectly! And should I say anything about the presentation – there is definitely a lot of room for creativity! Modern waffle makers allow you to bake your culinary products on two sides simultaneously, you just need to prepare and pour the dough, and a few minutes later you will be able to enjoy a serving of delicious, fresh waffles.

But buying a waffle maker is not as simple as it may seem. First, you need to figure out which functions are important and without which you will still be fine and not overpay. After analyzing modern waffle makers we made a review of the best waffle makers with removable plates.

Our Top Picks


The 5 Best Waffle Makers with Removable Plates

1. OSTBA Sandwich Maker 3-in-1 Waffle Iron

OSTBA Sandwich Maker 3-in-1 Waffle Iron

What We Like

  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Because of its small size, this waffle iron cannot cook a large product
  • Weak plate clips
  • Non-stick coating wears out quickly

We will start our review with OSTBA Waffle Iron Panini Grill. This package includes 3 types of removable plates: a sandwich plate, a vienna waffle plate, and a grill plate. Every plate comes with a non-stick coating. Plates heat up quickly and evenly. Waffle maker maximum power of 750 W gets reached in 3-4 minutes. It has on/off and pre-heat indicators which tell you if the waffle maker is turned on or not and if is it ready for cooking. Thanks to high coating durability, it is easy to clean them yourself or with the help of a washing machine. This waffle maker is quite compact: 9,84 x 8,66 inches, so it can be conveniently stored in the cabinet as well as simply placed on the table. It is equipped with a comfortable handle so that you can take it with you on a picnic, for example. This waffle iron is very stable as it has non-slippery feet. The appliance is excellent for cooking various dishes on your own based on your preferences. You can use it to make sandwiches, waffles, barbecue, or stakes. We can safely recommend this one, it is very easy to use and doesn’t require any culinary skills.

2. Elechomes Waffle Maker

Elechomes Waffle Maker

What We Like

  • Automatic shutdown
  • Ability to choose the shade of the product
  • Anti-overflow grates
  • Thermo-resistant handle

What We Don’t Like

  • The body heats up too much
  • Emits a chemical smell during heating
  • Green ready light is dim

The next waffle maker on our review is Elechomes with removable plates for Belgian waffles that allow you to cook 4 slices at once and is a great option for a big family. You don’t need to search for ideal waffle recipes on the internet, the manufacturer prepared a whole recipe book with step-by-step descriptions and pictures for you. The body, made of stainless steel will allow your waffle maker to serve you for years to come. This waffle maker has high power which allows for even heat distribution and for you to spend less time cooking.

Adjustable shade lets you choose any of the five levels, depending on your taste preferences. Waffle plates have a reliable non-stick coating which allows for use of ordinary soapy water as well as washing in a dishwasher. An anti-overflow zone is located around the perimeter of the plates which also have a non-stick coating. This “zone” catches the dough, preventing it from flowing around. This waffle maker is a great choice for a big family so that no one stays hungry!

3. Cuisinart WAF-300P1

Cuisinart WAF-300P1

What We Like

  • Quick heat-up
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Dough does not stick to the plates

What We Don’t Like

  • Uneven heat distribution throughout the top and the bottom
  • The body heats up
  • Only 2 out of 4 feet are padded

With the Cuisinart WAF-300P1 waffle maker, You will not only be able to cook crunchy and thick waffles but perfect pancakes as well. The body, made out of stainless steel, makes this waffle iron blend in with any kitchen interior. It is equipped with a 6-step shade regulator for making waffles for any taste. And for those who don’t know where to begin, unique recipes are included in this package and are waiting for you. The plates have a non-stick coating. You can cook on them without using oil, in turn decreasing the caloric density of the dish, and you can clean them with warm water or use a dishwasher after you are done cooking. This waffle maker also has a color and a sound indicator.

It will notify you when the waffles are ready so that your dish won’t get burned. If you like to have everything under control, this one is definitely for You!

4. Secura Upgrade Automatic

Secura Upgrade Automatic

What We Like

  • Quick heat-up
  • Easy-to-clean plates
  • Ready light
  • Compact design
  • Thermo-resistant handle

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no tray for dripping excess dough
  • Plastic parts of the body are not durable
  • It is easy to scratch the non-stick plates coating

The next waffle maker was included in our review because of its unusual shape. With the help of Secura waffle maker, you can cook voluminous and lush waffles thanks to deep plate pockets, it also can rotate 360° degrees so that the dough spreads evenly. Removable plates have a non-stick coating that can be easily cleaned. This waffle maker has a metal body and a thermo-resistant handle so that you would not get burned. The appliance will notify you when the waffles are ready with its ready light. If You want to be a part of the process of waffle baking, this one is a great choice for you!

5. All-Clad Gourmet Digital Waffle Maker

All-Clad Gourmet Digital Waffle Maker

What We Like

  • Digital LCD-display
  • Deep plates
  • Adjustable shade level
  • Has a condensate catcher and an overflow tank

What We Don’t Like

  • It is heavy
  • The surface heats up too much

We present to you our editorial choice, Gourmet Digital Waffle Maker. This waffle maker has a unique, modern design with a built-in LCD display. It is easy to store and doesn’t take up a lot of space even in the vertical position. It is suitable for a big family. You can choose one of 6 recipe settings as well as one of the 7 shade levels for baking waffles for any taste and the sound signal will notify You when the cooking is done.

The plates have deep pockets and a non-stick coating, you can take them out after cooking and clean them yourself or in a dishwasher. There are holes around this waffle maker for releasing the excess moisture so that your waffles turn out lush and crunchy. There is also an overflow tank for capturing the dripping dough. In our opinion, this waffle maker is equipped with everything you need to cook high-quality, lush, tasty waffles and the cooking place will remain absolutely clean even after the process is done.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many aspects that affect the final choice when choosing a waffle maker. There are different perfect choice criteria for every user. We only want to highlight the main ones that are worth paying attention to.


This figure is responsible for how fast the appliance’s plates heat up. The more power the appliance has the faster the waffles will be ready. Pay attention to waffle makers with a power range of 700-1200W. Buying a waffle maker with a power higher than 1200W is impractical. This would only make sense if you decided to purchase a multi-functional appliance.

Non-stick coating

A non-stick coating is mandatory. Thanks to it, you can bake waffles without using oil or use it in minimal amounts, a non-stick coating also allows to easily extract a finished product

Body material

Electric waffle makers can have an maker or a plastic body. Metallic body will last much longer. It is much more reliable and provides good protection of internal parts from any damage. Waffle makers with plastic bodies are much lighter and cheaper. If you plan to use an appliance for a long time and do such with pleasure, it is best to choose an all-metal option.


  • Thermostat. It gives an opportunity to set the baking temperature from 150 to 250 °C. We recommend waffle makers with various heating modes. You will be able to determine the preferable cooking temperature. That way you will either get crunchy or soft waffles depending on your taste.
  • Timer. Not necessarily a must-have, but useful function. You won’t have to stand over the waffle makers and wait for the food to be ready, the appliance will turn off by itself when the timer runs out.
  • Heating indicator. It is also quite a useful feature. You will see a corresponding color signal on the waffle maker’s body when it will heat up and be ready to cook.
  • Rotating body mechanism. It is necessary for even distribution of dough. Rotating the appliance around its axis is enough. The mass will “settle” and the product will come out even. This feature is rare and is not required.
  • Removable plates. This function will ensure easy cleaning, and many manufacturers provide extra ones in addition to waffle plates, for example: for pancakes, grills, etc. In our opinion, this is an essential feature of modern waffle makers.
waffle maker with removable plates
Waffle maker with removable plates

Functional Additions

  • A number of servings. Before buying a waffle maker, consider the number of people in your family. In most cases, manufacturers make waffle makers designed for two servings. But there are appliances that make from 4 up to 10 waffles at once, everything depends on Your needs.
  • The shape of the waffles. Waffles may come out a square, round, triangle, or even in the shape of a heart, choose based on your preferences.
  • In our opinion, these are the main criteria worth considering when choosing a perfect waffle maker. We hope that our suggestions will help you make the right choice!


Waffle maker plates are designed for cooking four slices, can I cook only one or two slices at a time?

Yes, you can cook whatever number of slices at a time You need.

Can I wash the plates right after cooking a product?

It is necessary to wait for the appliance to cool down to room temperature. If you don’t do it you can get burned or damage the non-stick coating.

Do I need to heat plates up in an open or closed position before cooking?

It doesn’t matter in which position you heat up the plates, but they heat up faster in the closed position.

Is it normal that there is a chemical smell when I turn the appliance on for the first time?

Yes, it is normal, as the evaporation of a protective factory coating is happening. You need to heat the appliance up for 20-30 minutes, then the smell should be gone.

In the characteristics of the appliance it is stated that the voltage of the appliance is 110V, can I use it in Europe?

Pay attention to the country where you intend to use the appliance. With the declared characteristics of 110V, you cannot use this appliance in Europe without an adapter.


In our review, we tried to select and present to You the best waffle makers with removable plates for home use. Following our advice, choose the model which suits your needs the best. And if you do not have the ability or the time to choose a high-quality appliance, you can buy any waffle maker from our review. Our website’s experts as well as real customers have already confirmed that they truly work and perform their functions.

In conclusion, we would like to thank you for your attention, we hope that the presented information was helpful to You. And if you still have any questions, or you want to share your experience of using waffle makers with other users, – we welcome you to visit the comment section of this article!

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